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    Course Highlights

    With the significant growth of the Android platform, because of its widespread adoption and continuous technological advancements, there has never been a better time to dive into Android app development. So if you’ve searched for the best Android development course near me in Vadodara, you are at the right place. 

    We provide advanced Android development course in Vadodara with 100% job assurance. Our Android development course combines theoretical learning with practical, real-world projects to ensure that you not only grasp the fundamentals but also gain the confidence to tackle complex challenges effortlessly.

    What is Android App Development? 

    Android is an operating system owned by Google. Android app development is the process of designing, developing, and maintaining different Android applications that are used on smartphones, tablets, computers, and smart TVs. The Android development process includes the use of different programming languages and technologies such as Java, Swift UI, Android Studio, etc. Android application development is in high demand because of the massive number of Android users and their increasing demands.

    Top Reasons to Choose Our Android Development Course

    Expert Guidance: Our course is led by industry experts with years of hands-on experience in Android development. You’ll learn from the best, gaining invaluable insights and practical knowledge that go beyond theoretical learning.

    Industry-relevant Curriculum: We offer a comprehensive curriculum designed by understanding industry demands and trends. It covers everything from the basics to advanced topics, ensuring you have a well-rounded understanding of the Android platform.

    Hands-On Projects: During the course, we ensure a practical approach through hands-on projects that allow you to apply what you’ve learned in real-world scenarios, building your confidence and skills along the way.

    Job Opportunities: Android development is a rapidly growing field with multiple job opportunities. By completing our course, you’ll be equipped with the skills and credentials to pursue a rewarding career as an Android developer, or to enhance your existing career in software development.

    Flexibility and Accessibility: Whether you’re a busy professional or a student with a hectic schedule, our course offers flexible learning options to suit your needs. You can choose a batch that is convenient for you. 

    Who Can Take This Android Development Course

    Our Android development course in Vadodara is beneficial for a range of individuals who are passionate about learning mobile app development, irrespective of their prior knowledge or skills. 

    The following individuals can enroll in this course

    • Students and Graduates  
    • Working Professionals
    • Job Seekers
    • Individuals Looking for Job Change
    • Freelancers
    • Anyone with a Passion for App Development

    Start Your Android App Development Journey with Us 

    Are you ready to embark on a journey of mobile app development? Look no further. Our comprehensive course is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of Android development. Enroll today!

    Get 100% job Assistance by Enrolling in Certified Android Training Course

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    Key Highlights

    Limited Students Batch

    One-on-One Attention

    Experienced Instructors

    Flexible Batches

    Interactive Sessions

    Live Industry Projects

    Career Assistance

    Skill-based Training

    Students Placed and Hired in Companies

    Providing training is not just what we offer, we believe that it is important to guide the individuals with post-training process as well by offering them placement assistance.

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    Course Curriculum

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    Introduction to Android

    • Introduction to Android
    • Introduction of Students
    • Career in Android
    • Using Lab
    • Working on Project and Assignment

    Fundamentals of Android

    • Software Engineering with SDLC
    • Use Case
    • DFD
    • Flowchart
    • SQL Database

    Android OS

    • Introduction to Android
    • Android System with Architecture
    • Android Architecture
    • Development with
    • Android – Platforms, Tools
    • Versions
    • Setup Android Environment
    • Say Hello to Android Application
    • Building Blocks of Android Application
    • Work with Activity
    • Activity Lifecycle
    • Intents
    • Fragments
    • Fragment Lifecycle

    Android Ul And Component Using Fragments

    • Input, Output and Multiple Devices
    • Create Android UI
    • Working with Layouts
    • Linear Layout
    • Relative Layout
    • Table Layout
    • Grid Layout
    • Create Custom Layouts
    • Work with UI Components and Events
    • Text View
    • Edit Text
    • Validate Data
    • Button
    • Checkbox
    • Radio and Radio Group
    • Rating Bar
    • Progress Bar
    • Seek Bar
    • Web View
    • Material Design Toolbar,
    • Tab Layout
    • Recycler View and Card View
    • Butter knife
    • Android Annotations

    Database Connectivity

    • Storage in Android
    • Shared Preferences
    • Shared Preferences Layout
    • Android Requesting Permission
    • at run time(Android 6.0)
    • Work with SD Card and Files
    • Database in Android
    • Introduction to SQLite
    • SQLiteOpenHelper Class
    • Create, Open and Close Database
    • Database Insert, Update, Delete
    • Read Data with Cursor
    • Realm-No SQL Database

    Android Industry Real Time Project Implementation

    • Web Services and Parsing
    • XML Parsing
    • DOM Parsing
    • SAX Parsing
    • Pull Parsing
    • JSON Parsing
    • Access web data with JSON
    • Connect to Web Services
    • Using Async Task
    • Third Party Libraries
    • OkHttp
    • Retrofit
    • Glide
    • Picasso – 2
    • MySQL connectivity using JavaOR
    • MySQL connectivity using PHP
    • Web Service Connectivity

    Advance Android Development

    • Google Map, Location Service, and GPS
    • Creating a Google Map
    • Work with Location
    • Location service with Location Manager
    • Find Current Location
    • Geocoding
    • Graphics and Animation
    • Work with 2D Graphics
    • Bitmap
    • Animation
    • Frame Animation
    • Tween Animation
    • View Animation
    • Multimedia in Android
    • Play Audio Files
    • Play Video Files
    • Work in Background
    • Services
    • Notification Services
    • Broadcast Receiver
    • What are broadcast Receivers?
    • Work with a broadcast receiver
    • Firebase
    • FCM(Firebase Cloud Messaging)
    • Social Media Integration
    • Android App links Assistant

    Android Live Project

    • Work with Android System
    • Wake Lock
    • Text to Speech
    • Camera
    • Taking Picture with Camera
    • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
    • Manage Bluetooth Connection
    • Monitor and Manage Wi-Fi
    • Sensor
    • Understanding Sensor
    • Access Sensors
    • Development and Deployment
    • Dalvik Debug Tool
    • Logcat
    • Emulator Control
    • Device Control
    • Work with ADB
    • Connect Real Devices
    • Execute Application on Real Device
    • Publish your Application
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      Course Key Features

      • Android App Development from Basic to Advanced

      • Learn Kotlin Language

      • Build Mobile Android Applications

      • Develop Cloud Apps using Google Firebase

      Skills Covered

      • Kotlin Fundamentals

      • OOP With Kotlin

      • Android Layouts

      • Android Activities and Lifecycle

      • SQLite database

      • Android Location and Maps

      • Android ListViews and Widgets

      • Android Media

      • Android Animations

      • Material Design and Themes

      • Android Intents

      • Android Fragments

      Job Roles

      • Android Application Developer

      • Mobile Application Developer

      • Kotlin Developer


      Being one of the finest IT training institute in Vadodara, we are keen on offering placements to our students with industry’s finest.

      Abhishek Namjoshi

      Abhishek Namjoshi

      Laravel Developer

      Placed At:

      Webbrains technologies

      WebBrains Tech is the place where I could realize my true potential. It was truly a great learning experience and each day I was able to explore and learn new things with the help of excellent guidance of my mentors.

      Raj Hanani

      Raj Hanani

      Frontend Developer

      Placed At:

      Arche Softronix

      As a Frontend Developer Intern at WebBrains Tech, I gained practical insights and hands-on experience. Working on real projects was the cherry on top. Thank you for shaping my journey as a budding Frontend Developer.

      Ajay Galani

      Ajay Galani

      Application Support Analyst

      Placed At:

      Rishabh Software

      My experience throughout the internship at WebBrains Tech was great. I was able to enhance my skillset as a result of superior guidance from all my mentors. As an intern, I learned something new every day.

      Harshil Patel

      Harshil Patel

      React Developer

      Placed At:

      Webbrains technologies

      During my React.js internship at WebBrains Tech, I had an amazing experience. I gained industry-oriented knowledge. Every day as an intern was a chance to learn something new, and the support from the team was remarkable.

      Moksha Joshi

      Moksha Joshi

      Flutter Developer

      Placed At:

      Webbrains technologies

      I did my internship in Flutter in a really nice environment. At WebBrains Tech, I learned a lot. Every day as an intern, I discovered something new. The senior team members were always helpful and guided me.

      Ami Vora

      Ami Vora

      MERN Stack Developer

      Placed At:


      I’ve learned a lot about making software and gained practical skills that I’m sure will help me succeed in this field. It’s been an amazing experience that taught me a great deal about how things work in the tech world.

      Jui Mistry

      Jui Mistry

      Associate Software Engineer

      Placed At:

      Tridhya Tech

      I’ve done my 6 week summer internship from webBrains tech. Each and every employee and team leader will try to keep you engaging keep us growing and that’s what all want from internship right .



      React JS Developer

      Placed At:

      Sarvadhi Solutions

      I decided to learn ReactJS at Webbrains Tech, and it has been a fantastic experience. The teachers are incredibly supportive, making it a great place for both beginners and experienced learners. One of the best parts is the opportunity to work on live projects, which has really enhanced my learning journey.



      Data analytics

      Placed At:


      My experience at Webbrains Tech has been fantastic. In just three months, I’ve learned a lot and now have a clear understanding of many concepts. I’m thrilled to say that I’ve been successfully placed, thanks to Webbrains Tech.



      Data Science

      Placed At:


      I completed the Data Science Mastery course and I must say it was a transformative experience. The course content was comprehensive, covering everything from data manipulation to advanced machine learning techniques. The instructors were highly knowledgeable and supportive, always willing to clarify doubts and provide guidance.

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      What is Android development?

      • Android development is the process of creating mobile applications for Android devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Android development is a popular career choice, as Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world.

      What are the key topics covered in the course curriculum?

      • The course covers topics such as Android Studio, UI design, user input handling, database integration, networking, debugging, and best practices in Android app development.

      Who can enrol in this Android app development course?

      • This course is open to beginners, as well as individuals with some programming experience. It’s suitable for anyone looking to learn Android app development, from students to professionals seeking to enhance their skills.

      What are the prerequisites for the Android training classes?

      • While there are no strict prerequisites, a basic understanding of programming concepts can be helpful. Familiarity with Java or Kotlin is a plus but not mandatory.

      Do I receive a certificate upon completion of the course?

      • Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion from Webbrains Tech, which can be a valuable addition to your resume.
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